2002/02/12: (again)


2002/02/01 (twice):

2002/01/09 (again):



So, in conclusion I would like to say:
  1. Thanks to Roland Poitevien (customer service manager) for going to all this effort to make up for my poor service.
  2. I learned that I should:
    1. keep track of calls to service, so that if there are problems, I'll notice soon and have the facts.
    2. Talk to mangagement way sooner when things go badly.

"Sucks" now seems a little strong from one perspective, considering all the effort they went to to make up for the service problems. But then again, it has been 22 weeks[!] since I first called tech support. Of that, I figure I'm responsible for about 3-5 weeks of the delay; that's still 17+ weeks of fumbling on their end.



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